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The Perfect Sunday Brunch: Part 1


We’ll skip the whole I’m-sorry-I-haven’t-been-posting-please-forgive-me thing and just jump right to the good stuff.

In part one of two, I’m basically getting reacquainted with all of you still patient enough to read, as sporadic as it happens. I’m also giving a tutorial on how to make your own puff pastry and how to make your own croissants.

Onto the reacquainting.

My name’s Brett. Remember me?

Recently I left my job at Disney to start food styling for TV. That’s a whole post in and of itself, but know that because I’m finally doing what I love, I have the time to actually, feasibly, dedicate resources to The Crumberry Bake Shop, poor neglected thing.

This past weekend was one of the first in recent memory where I didn’t have to work all of it, so that left me time to make brunch, which, any New Yorker will tell you, is the only reason weekends exist.

We wanted something light, something with loads of flavor, but something that would also fill us up. 

I suggested something with quinoa, but if you know me at all, when I like something, I like it to the point where I make everyone else sick of it, so Chuck suggested Chicken Salad, and it went downhill from there. Good call.

Instead of making sandwiches that could’ve felt heavy, we made fresh, miniature croissants that were light and buttery (and gave us a reason to not feel badly about eating two….or four…each).

You’re used to seeing desserts and sugary recipes from me, but croissants will forever hold a special place in my heart, especially when they turned out this well.

Want to make your own croissants at home? Check out this post from the Crumberry Archive on how to make them from scratch.

(And if you’re in a hurry or just don’t feel like making the puff pastry, there’s no shame in using a really good quality store-bought puff pastry.)

If you’re up to the challenge (and want the bragging rights to your friends that you make your own puff pastry [brush off your shoulder, champ]) grab the recipe for the perfect croissant after the jump.

Also, a huge thank you to Chuck Willis. He’s the reason you’re drooling over the photo right now. ;)

Check back later this week—I’m breaking my dessert-baking rule and in The Perfect Sunday Brunch: Part 2, I’ll share the chicken salad recipe with you. Your brunch guests will be begging you for more.

Onto the recipe…

(Source: crumberrybakeshop)

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